Tips to Help Your Business Survive the Holidays

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Most people have already begun the hunt to find the perfect gifts for their holiday celebrations. The planners and early-bird shoppers begin their search before Thanksgiving! However, it’s not too late for you to cash in on the seasonal spending surge! The peak of sales for the holiday season can last from October to January. In fact, holiday sales account for nearly 20%, on average, of annual retail sales, according to the Nation Retail Federation. Unsurprisingly enough though, one survey by People shows that 51% of shoppers, in our great nation of professional procrastinators, wait until Christmas Eve to completely wrap up their shopping!

1. Make a plan- You are more likely to find success if you plan for it. There is no substitute for hard work.

However, knowing where to focus your efforts, and being aware of the resources you have at your exposal- financial and otherwise- will help you make the most of opportunities as they arise. You can work your fingers to the bone doing tasks that bring no value to your efforts. As we discussed previously, in our article about Business Solutions, many business leaders spend too much time on tasks that should have been delegated. Your time as an owner/manager is extremely valuable, so it’s important to make sure that your time is not wasted.

2. Don’t go above your means-

This goes hand in hand with your plan. As simple of a concept as this is, it is incredibly easy to get caught up in “bigger and better”; especially in the holiday season. Decorations, advertisements, giveaways, promotional sales. All of these are great tools to use for increasing your profits. Although you do have to spend money to make money, it is extremely important to manage your budget responsibly. Spending money you don’t have is a recipe for disaster. Knowing how much you can discount certain products and setting aside an affordable amount to set the snowy, magical mood can be what makes or breaks your efforts!

3. Get in the spirit-

‘Tis the season! Snow, lights, family, gifts, peace on earth, and Christmas cheer. People love the holiday season and they are more likely to buy during this time of year if your marketing efforts are centered around these things! Whether you run an e-commerce store or operate a traditional storefront, the halls of your store should be decked with holly. Email newsletters, social media posts, promotions, giveaways, and all other content should be focused on getting people into the Holiday spirit!

4. Holiday help –

Hiring seasonal help to handle the rush of business may be exactly the kind of help you need! Once again, as an entrepreneur and the backbone of your business, your time is money! As your business grows you have to become aware of responsibilities that are worth your time and those that aren’t. Simultaneously acting as a janitor, cashier, bookkeeper, and marketing manager is a reality for many small business owners. However, if you can afford it, finding help to handle day-to-day activities can free you up to focus on the quality of your goods or services and the growth of your company. Hiring employees is one of the many solutions that Omnis can help you take advantage of!

5. Call to action and Follow up –

The best way to make sure that your customers return to purchase from you depends on the quality of service that you provide. There’s very little that can be done to overpower customer service that is not up to par. One way to go above and beyond to help your customer to think of you when they need whatever you provide is by giving them a call to action. Give them a discount for signing up for your email list. Give them a coupon for a sale that you are doing in the near future. Ask them to take a survey about their experience and give them any kind of incentive to do so. says that customers are 82.8% more likely to make a purchase if they are offered a free gift at checkout! What a great way to make a lasting impression!

Keep these tips in mind as you finish out the year strong, and you will not only survive the Holidays but you will thrive because of them! If you need business consultation, system implementation, or bookkeeping services to make your business prosper then contact Omnis today!

Don’t forget to carve out some time in this hectic season to focus on the things that matter most, like your friends and family. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Comment a tip that has helped your business survive the holidays!

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