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What are Business Solutions and How They Can Help Your Small Business

For entrepreneurs, every moment counts. Every minute that passes is one that could be spent pursuing your goals. “Work smarter, not harder” is a saying that I’ve heard few self-starters utter. Get up earlier than everyone else. Skip lunch. Work harder. Stay later. However, you have to make sure that what you are putting your back into is actually worth it! Like we’ve said before, many small business owners shoot themselves in the foot by trying to handle everything on their own. You as an owner/founder already wear so many different hats. You’re the head of management, the quality control supervisor, the bookkeeper, and the secretary. You train the employees, you run the e-commerce store, you deal with HR issues and you probably even still work on the floor with your employees! On all of these levels, you are probably even heading up solutions for your company. “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.” Right?


Well if you are determined to do it all yourself then Sid Kemp, writer for, has fantastic advice for you in his article “6 Steps to Better Business Solutions”. The main point is that you need to identify your issues, focus on one problem at a time, and put effort into solving the problem- not just alleviating the symptoms. “If your sales are bad, don’t push your sales people harder. Fix the mistake in marketing,” says Kemp.


However, not having enough resources to handle the needs of your business can lead to poor quality goods or services, stunted growth, and overworked employees. For a company to grow, efficient and accurate problem solving is vital. You cannot expand if you are constantly consumed by maintenance. Business solutions give you the means to grow by providing resources to improve and streamline many aspects of your business such as training, payroll, accounting, marketing, and market research. Solutions help you get back to doing what you love, instead of remaining overworked and possibly stagnant. 


A great definition by states that the goal of business solutions is to identify and “correct the deficiency of the missing needs of a society.” Some solutions companies may offer different packages with various solutions for their customers to choose from. The most involved and generally more successful form of this process starts from the ground up. It all begins with studying the customer and evaluating the infrastructure of the company. It is very important to have a deep understanding of how a company operates to see what its strengths and weaknesses are. Many times, a great team will reveal blind spots in a company’s procedures. 


Next, the solutions team evaluates the needs of the customer and comes up with the perfect cocktail of hardware and software to provide the most desirable results. Some solutions companies may also offer ongoing support for their implemented systems. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been pressured to adapt to include remote positions to be able to continue operations. Technological solutions such as cloud-based software have become more popular in this workforce transformation. 


While we know that hiring a solutions company is by far more beneficial than choosing to handle everything alone, there is something to be said about your experience being valuable to the solutions process. Your expertise and knowledge of your business is extremely important to the implementation of solutions. Without it, a solutions team may end up like a committee making decisions without any expert advice on the situation. It’s like politicians making decisions for the education system, but not listening to the administrators or educators in the field. That can be a disaster. It can lead to resources being wasted on shots in the dark. Imagine a blindfolded team playing pin the tail on the donkey. 

Let us help you get back to your dream job by streamlining your day-to-day tasks, making your company more efficient, and in turn bringing you more profit. Freeing your day up to get back to the career you love is our specialty. 

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