Burned Out Educators Make Great Private Sector Employees

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Educators are ditching the walls of the classroom for the perks of the corporate world. Burned out educators are trading in their badges  for a change of scenery, and often a boost in pay. For a variety of reasons, including Covid-19 chaos, the stress of alternating virtual and in person learning, long hours, relatively low pay, etc., teachers are finding themselves in search of something new– and are finding they are in high demand. Due to the training educators receive throughout their teacher education, as well as professional developments each year, educators offer a variety of high demand skills that would benefit many fields. Software training, healthcare training, customer service, and sales are just a few of the fields that are finding out what an asset teachers can be to their companies. Let’s take a dive into why you should consider a former educator to fill a role in your company.


  1. Educators are multi-tasking masters, equipped to handle high stress and chaotic environments

For many, juggling 20+ students of varying backgrounds, a boss giving instructions over an intercom, 5 parent emails in the inbox, and a long forgotten lunch break was just called ‘Monday”. While a ‘high stress environment’ is obviously not what you want your company to be considered, having an employee that is trained to thrive in stressful, high pressure situations can be a gamechanger for company morale, work productivity, and customer relations.


  1. Educators quickly absorb and transmit information, no matter what field-

By nature, many educators are quick thinkers, can learn material quickly, and know how to teach that information in ways that make learning accessible to all their students- or differentiation as it’s known in the education world. Possessing the knowledge you need your employees to know is just half of the battle, but being able to transmit the information in a way that fits the learning style of your employees is crucial. Whether that be visual, tactile, or auditory learning educators know how to make the material engaging and accessible.


  1. Passion, organization, and confidence can go further than field experience-

An employee who is goal-oriented, organized, and confident is a great asset to any company. The best educators generally enter the teaching profession because they want to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. Others do so because they are enthusiastic about teaching a certain subject, or simply have an intense passion for people in general. Passion, mixed with organization and confidence makes a dynamic, top-notch employee that when met with reciprocal appreciation, pay, and respect could be a life-long team player.


Even though the field may be new to many educators, the technology, communication, time management, and organizational skills, just to name a few, that teachers possess may be something that could benefit both you and your company. It’s a win-win for those seeking a workplace where they will be valued, appreciated, and compensated adequately for the productivity and effort they put into their work.

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